Well Water Testing

Well water testing is a must if you live in a home with a well. Unlike municipal water, which has been tested and filtered of potentially dangerous substances, there’s no one watching, monitoring or testing your well water.

If you are considering buying a home, count on CTR Home Inspection to test the well water and make sure it’s safe. This service is offered at a modest additional fee.

CTR’s Thorough Testing Procedure

To perform the well water testing, we will collect samples directly from the taps. First, we examine the samples for signs of a dirty well, such as cloudy water, low water flow, and taste or odor problems. Then we send the samples to an independent lab that will measure the amount of bacteria, nitrates, and other contaminants in the well. After the lab sends us your well water test results, we’ll prepare a written report for you. The report will review the lab test results and help you understand the information and the numbers.

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Info from NYS on Well Water Testing

If your water comes from a private well, germs and chemicals can enter your drinking water from flooding and extreme weather, runoff and natural changes in the water that serves your well. The use of contaminated water for drinking, preparing food and making ice can make you, your family and your pets sick. Babies, children, pregnant women, older adults and people with health conditions are most at risk of health effects from consuming contaminated water.

Read about the importance of well testing and maintenance to make sure your water is suitable for drinking, preparing food and all household uses. Information is also provided for local code enforcement and contractors.

Get more info on well water testing from NY State, click here.


Call on CTR Home Inspections for your Well Water or Municipal water test.

Well Water FAQs

What is a Well?

A well is a structure drilled into the earth that draws up groundwater to use for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, watering plants, and more. Because that water comes right out of the ground, there is always a chance that it could be carrying harmful chemicals, bacteria, and more.

Can Well Water Issues be Fixed?

Yes! Most well water issues can be fixed, and don’t end up breaking a home purchase. Many issues can be remedied by water treatment. If there are any structural issues with the well, those can often be remedied affordably too.

What About Lead Pipes?

Even lead in well water can be remedied, but costs depend on where the contaminant is coming from. Lead often comes from older pipes. But the exact source should be determined by a professional water treatment company.

Can Municipal Water be Tested?

Yes. Every municipality has water standards dictated by the EPA, including the Safe Drinking Water Act, legislation passed by Congress in 1974 that requires the EPA to set contaminant levels to drinking water at which no adverse health effects are likely to occur. You can also check local water quality in the EPA’s Consumer Confidence Reports.